Difficult Decisions

Dear Hiker Friends,

Being a guide, the premise of practice often revolves around two simple concepts – plan ahead and prepare and trust your tools.  The pandemic has not been the great equalizer but instead a consistently probing for footing in our daily lives and practices.  Despite implementing the above simple concepts for our guiding services, the pandemic challenges have become insurmountable.

No doubt you understand, we (like so many businesses like ours), are having to make difficult decisions.  Unhappily, it is unsustainable for us to enter a third season whereby our traditional guiding offerings are unknown.  Making these decisions we would have thought unthinkable in February 2019.  The constant unknowns with federal and state regulations have made these decisions for us.  We are grateful for the many we have traveled with over the seasons – easy miles, challenging miles, moments of pure and utter inspiration and seconds of confusion which led to awareness and a new direction.

Over the last 11 years you have been at the heart of our success in our mission to share a passion for outside.  We have been the witness to your building your confidence, your creating and achieving your personal goals, your developing a strategy for enjoying outside and inspiring action which you are following with your outdoor practice and stewardship of the land.

Boone has fondly said for all these years: we share the experience so you can share in the adventure. What an adventure we have trod!

Thank you to the many of you who have shared notes of appreciation and support.  As we have reached this fork in the crossroads, we know there are many adventures still to be had and are hopeful that one day we will be able to share our next steps for more experiences.

Happy Trails!
Stacy and Greg Boone
Owners, Step Outdoors, LLC

What does dissolving look like?

  • Our database will not be sold or shared; we are merely saving our database for possible updates in the future.
  • Over the next 12 months we will be eliminating the day-to-day offerings. Changes begins with the monthly newsletter and will transition through our social media and website.
  • Our current clients and contracts will continue as agreed for both long term, and short term, but no new guided groups or contracts will be added to our calendar.
  • Our online workshop offerings will continue only as contracted offerings, as time is available.
  • Our training workshop offerings will continue only as contracted offerings, as time is available.
  • Our gear and equipment availability program will dissolve.
  • Our backpacking meal preparation program will evolve.