Welcome to Step Outdoors, LLC

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide experiences and educational opportunities that view an outside that inspires respect for self, others and the land.

Core Vision Principles

  • Build confidence – learn skills and best practices that elevate recreation safety and overall outdoor enjoyment
  • Achieve personal goals – with the encouragement and support of expert guides
  • Enjoy outside – by self-defining the intrinsic merit to outdoor play
  • Inspire action – create memories by practical planning and preparation

In the fall of 2021 we were faced with having to make difficult decisions.  Unhappily, we determined it was unsustainable for us to enter a third season when our traditional guiding offerings were unknown, permits were not being signed by land agencies and there felt a definite ebb in sustainable use of the landscape. For those reasons, we dissolved various components of our business but have continued to keep others. 

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