2011 – Trip Photo Montage

Patricia S once said, “My experience on the trail was utterly fascinating, simply breathtaking, fully exhilarating and emotionally charged. Taking your backpack for a walk allows you to take a step away from all of the noise and reinvigorate your soul.”

Below is a montage of photographs from a few of our 2011 hikes. Click on any photograph for a larger version.

Saunter, Sun Salutations and Soak

Campsite on the second night with Step Outdoors

Always a new view while backpacking with Step Outdoors

Hiking with Step Outdoors - we climbed above the trees

Distant views on an overnight backpacking adventure with Step Outdoors





Tread to Orienteering

Sunset is part of every backpacking experience with Step Outdoors

Setting up camp is a part of backpacking with Step Outdoors

Ready to learn skills during this compass course with Step Outdoors

Compass work is learning the basics on this backpacking adventure with Step Outdoors





Get Excited About The Unknown

We stop and learn with Step Outdoors

Variety of colors and sights on this two night backpacking adventure with Step Outdoors

Step Outdoors shows an old trail marker

Fall is coming on this backpacking hike with Step Outdoors

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