2012 – Trip Photo Montage

Gerie H said, “I think it was Wednesday, or maybe even took me until Thursday, to realize another very important point for me – another fantastic reason to do this again – I had no worries in the world – truly! My only task each day was to pack my pack and get walking and that’s why this was the best vacation EVER! I had no worries, no responsibilities, no one relied on me for anything, no demands, no requests, no one needed money or help or my time or my patience. You took that all away from me, took all the responsibility, worries, concern, everything and for that I know I can never repay you. And for that reason, at least for that reason, I will seek you out again.”

Below is a montage of photographs from a few of our 2012 hikes. Click on any photograph for a larger version.

Four Stooges Gone Wild

Still Ledge Walking

Really, I Don't Care About The Color

Happy Walk

Autumn Colors

Giving Back – Work Trip

Glimmer of Sun

Check Dams

Building Safer Trail

Big Task

Stepping Out

Sun Bleached Logs

Cloudy Path

Cairn Marks the Way

Cabbage Butterfly (maybe)

Camping for Kids

Trumpet Sounds - with Step Outdoors

Investigation - with Step Outdoors

Divided Routes - with Step Outdoors

Beautiful butterfly sighting - with Step Outdoors

Walking with Diana

Filtering Water - with Step Outdoors

Another Happy, Happy, Happy Client - with Step Outdoors

A sighting of Butter and Eggs - with Step Outdoors

Half Grasshopper and Half Cricket - with Step Outdoors

Leadership Skills

The Professor was teaching during this course Learning Skills course led by Step Outdoors

Sunset near our campsite on the last night with Step Outdoors

Step Outdoors allows their backpacks to rest

Food - something we love and cherish - when backpacking





Big Bear’s Adventure

Step Outdoors teaches skills like bear bagging

Step Outdoors selected this as our first night's backpacking camp

Finding a comfortable pace is part of the backpacking experience with Step Outdoors

Dinner is good but dessert can be first when backpacking with Step Outdoors

Achieving Expertise

We chose an excellent campsite with Step Outdoors

Water is a good thing, even if too much, when backpacking

Taking time for reflection is built into all backpacking adventures with Step Outdoors

My feet got wet but that is part of the experience with Step Outdoors

Desert Awakening

The snow as sort of a surprise on this hike with Step Outdoors

Step Outdoors selects hikes that have long views

Our backpack is our buddy - this one we call puppy - with Step Outdoors

A piece of history was found on this backpacking adventure with Step Outdoors

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