2013 Client Reviews

The following are reviews shared by clients who have participated on our 2013 summer calendared courses or customized courses.

I brought home more than my pictures and stories will ever tell. Thank you Step Outdoors. ~Stephanie J

Margaret VWhole trip was quite the experience. Loved it! It was great! Totally was immersed into the experience, wonderful views and I made it through it. ~Margaret V

Always encouraging. Always teaching. Uses every opportunity presented to make it a teaching moment. Highlight was the ever expanding high views. ~Gerie H

Cody HI was able to push myself and learn many new ways of “thought process” while being outdoors. ~Cody H

One big thing I really enjoyed was going off course and climbing some mountains. ~Sarah B

Keep teaching this course Stacy! It’s important work and a lot of fun! ~David W

I was able to learn and better understand the principles to help further shape my ethics. ~Rachel W

PoopI was very impressed with the healthy wholesome meals. I felt that I was in a bed and breakfast in the wilderness! I learned many things not to do! Like peeing uphill does not work, picking a tent site that slopes down makes sleeping difficult, don’t wait till you get a blister or rub fix it first thing. I was very pleased at how gently but firmly Stacy encouraged me to face my fears, embrace being uncomfortable, and recognize my accomplishments. She has a fantastic talent to know when to push, when to encourage, when to rescue. Great job Stacy! ~Heather C

I loved knowing that Stacy had experienced so much and was so honest and open about it. Just talking and being not necessarily told the “right answer” was great! ~Kaki K

Marcy MYou were great, Stacy. You communicate effectively, have a very patient attitude and made sure I met my goals. Thank you for a wonderful experience. ~Marcy M

At first I was intimidated about the upcoming backpacking experience. But, I was able to set the pace of a journey which created what I hope to be more of a lifelong experience. ~Monica S

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