2013 Opportunity Dates

Experience the unspoiled Rocky Mountains during our buy three, get one free get out of the heat summer promotion. All courses are tailored to meet your goals, fitness level and experience. For additional information, click on the offerings below. Opportunity dates is a limited offering.

Tread to OrienteeringView Details and Register
April 29-May 3, 2013

Course Description: Beginning on established trail, map and compass skills are introduced and will guide you to camp two and three. This is an exploratory course that focuses on teaching orienteering basics as well as focusing on basic backpacking skills. Daily mileage is less than four miles.
Four Backpackers: $1,380 – opportunity date pricing.

Get Excited About The UnknownView Details and Register
August 1-4, 2013

Course Description: Some are afraid of the dark or of the sounds that go “bump” in the night. This two night introductory course will build your self-confidence of the beauty found when traveling on foot.
Four Backpackers: $1,065 – opportunity date pricing.

An Outdoor Natural DiscoveryView Details and Register
October 11-14, 2013

Course Description: An excellent option for beginning backpackers and families, this two night offering moseys along the recently restored creek, open grassy meadows and mixed conifer forests of a National Recreation Trail – a hidden gem of northern New Mexico. Daily mileage is less than four miles.
Four Backpackers: $1,065 – opportunity date pricing.

How To Make A Reservation:
Reservations are a first request, first reserve. If registering for one of these opportunity dates simply register for three backpackers at the Pay Pal link under the details page.

We encourage you to call us at 970.946.5001 or email Stacy at info@stepoutdoorscolorado.com to talk about your interest. All of our courses are tailored and the first conversation is very important to ensuring you have a great outdoor adventure. Once your reservation is confirmed registration materials will be sent via email, or snail mail if preferred.

Cancellation Policy:
Refer to our cancellation policy under the FAQ Link.

Subject to Change:
All course offerings, including location, are subject to change.

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