2014 Client Reviews

The following are reviews shared by clients who have participated on our 2014 calendared courses, customized courses or workshops.

Appreciated personal insight, tips and tricks. ~Margaret H

Honey - this is the best vacation everThis trip was amazing in so many ways. Our leader exceeded our expectations by providing a great route, good food and most importantly, safety for everyone. We will be back. ~Kathy W

Despite not feeing well on the first day and some grueling weather condition, I learned a lot, had a good overall experience and I will return to continue learning about future outdoor experiences. I was proud of myself for enduring during the rip and thank Stacy for keeping me going. ~Ken W

IMG_8594Expect the unexpected and be thankful for it because from the unexpected I learned so much more! ~Molly G

I didn’t set goals. I wanted to have fun and learn a lot. I did both! ~Janet A

This was a life-changing experience. A few hours into the first day, Stacy taught me something about map reading that would have been sufficient in itself. A few hours later though I saw that Stacy was not worried I the backcountry and I saw too that, with practice, I could also be not worried. That was the highlight. ~Sarah S

I feel like Stacy is incredibly trustworthy, safety conscious and excellent at judging what I can accomplish and still be pushing my own comfort zone. ~Kaki K

IMG_8245Everything exceeded expectations. This was a triple E trip!! I loved the orienteering throughout the day. Snacks were yummy. Visual diversity WAY exceeded expectations. Animals were the highlight — oh, and flowers too. ~Christi B

The light “came on” during the Rogaine Challenge. I was so excited couldn’t wait to show hubby. ~Pam S

Food was very good and just what I asked for. Portions were very good. Liked the attention to details. ~Rick S

This trip helped me to reflect on all the things we take for granted on a daily basis. ~Anonymous

IMG_7534This trip met all of my expectation and then some. I gained a variety of skills and more importantly, the confidence to use them. ~Cynthia P

All was good except a warning label on the vegetarian chili. ~Bruce D
Trip Leader Response: We agree, it can be kind of potent!

She explained skills in language I can understand and was very patient, gave extra practice time. ~Land Navigation 101 Evaluation

The instruction was beyond adequate. The instructor taught us not only LNT but important backcountry etiquette. ~LNT Trainer Course Evaluation

Can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with others. ~LNT Trainer Course Evaluation

A fantastic experience all around! Stacy knows just how to push you past what you are comfortable with, to help you grow, in a safe learning and supportive environment. ~Renee S

Belly Joan BellyThe snow skills surpassed my expectation – I especially like the focus on technique, assessing risk and making observations. I really enjoyed snowshoeing and all the beautiful places we went. ~Joan W

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