2014 – Photo Trip Montage

Below is a montage of photographs from a our 2014 trips. Click on any photograph for a larger version.

Final Hike of the Season

Beginning on logging roads

Closing of autumn

Meadow trail

Passing the past
Hiking to the High Views

Social hour

Passing of a season

More rain

Honey - this is the best vacation ever

Sauntering Above The Trees

Distant Nipple Mountain

No Worries

Modeling stance

Gives meaning to finding the trail





VOC – Wheeler Geologic Project

Another job well done

Hash Browns and Coffee

Teamwork 1

What ... you don't sweep your job





San Juan Gem

Be Kind - To Your Guide

Trail Construction Ahead

Where Did You Have Lunch Today

Where is Camp




Get Excited About The Unknown

Colorado Columbine - Copy

Entering the wilderness - Copy

Night is approaching  - Copy

Rocks! - Copy

Following Trail

Fence Marks A Line

Orienteering Skills

Rye Grass

Gotta Get Around This Oak

Playing in the Snow

Big Views

Sun Siesta

Just Some Of The Gear

Practicing The School Bus Travel

FOMELC – Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Elk Molting


Preparing to Role Play

Leave What You Find




Leave No Trace Trainer Course

50 Years


Natalie - our master artist

Working on an activity

Meaningful Challenges

Marsh Flowers

Morning Sun Rising

Oops, Melted My Gorp

Aspen Gove

Backpacking Basics and Beyond

The Summit

Mule Ears

How Tall Are You Again

Antlers Left Behind




A Backpacking Investigation

Light In The Darkness

Mega Stuff

Crossing The  Las Vacas

Hummingbird Moth

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