2015 Client Reviews

The following are reviews shared by clients who have participated on our 2015 calendared courses, customized courses or workshops.

Molly G CritiqueThis weekend far exceeded my personal goals. I can’t thank you enough for the growth I’ve made in my comfort zone! ~Molly G

The elevation we reached really took my breath away (literally and figuratively). The views of mountains, valley and sunsets exceeded anything I could have imagined and I was continually challenged mentally, physically and intellectually through this entire course. ~Rachel K

Erin S CritiqueI would emphasize the difficulty to beginners. I don’t think people realize the difficulty and believe preparing for the worst makes the difficulty easier. ~Erin S

This trip was physically challenging and mentally rewarding out and back hike. The hike was amplified with professional knowledge, great views and orienteering skills. ~Anonymous

My goal was to learn more about orienteering. I definitely did. ~Trisha K

I would have liked to understand that I needed to provide water to the daily worksite. A water bottle or small water pack would be my responsibility. I did not quite understand how the packed lunch would work. As a new backpacker, I have no idea how these things work. The guide was very helpful in problem solving. ~Jan M

Kim K CritiqueEverything was awesome. I have been camping and hunting for years and had never used a bear bag. Also, the triangle camp set-up was a good learn. Sitting in awesome outdoor areas learning is the only way to learn. ~Kim K

I believe my personal goals and objectives were met in this course by being able to see and practice for myself the very principles I want to teach others. ~Leave No Tracer Trainer Course Critique

I honestly cannot think of anything to change. This course exceeded my expectations. Stacy kept the group engaged, interested and utilized teachable moment effectively. ~Leave No Trace Trainer Course Critique

For me the moment that captures the whole hiking experience was when we sprawled in the three feet of shade offered by a big boulder in a rocky drainage at the bottom of 40 switchbacks. I put my aching feet up and we talked about food. I was hot, tired and sore and completely happy ~Sarah S

Mary loves the dirt puddingStacy took a lot of time to figure out what I could do. Hit the route on the head! Just enough to challenge me but not overwhelm me. ~Mary S

You have become a very special friend, and for that, I am and will always be grateful. ~Gerie H

My goal for winter packing was to find my boundaries and break through them. I feel like I really pushed myself on this trip and felt accomplished. ~Rachel K

I learned a million life-hacks. ~Leah J

Mindy - Ample RewardsMy goal was to feel more confident in the backcountry. I met this goal with Stacy’s leadership and instruction. ~Mindy H

What I found most interesting was all the little things that can make a huge difference when backpacking. ~Amanda D

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