2016 Client Reviews

The following are reviews shared by clients who have participated on our 2016 calendared courses, customized courses or workshops.

time-for-a-short-breakI liked having individual time – definitely helped me meet my personal goals to acquaint with my soul. ~Margaret B

The highlight is that Stacy never says, “There’s a good path over there.” She lets, and encourages me, to make choices. Even small things (my gorp mix, way through mud and streams). ~Kaki K

Each email was specific to one topic and gave great preparation suggestions as well as info on what to expect. ~Anonymous

i-will-carry-the-wineGreat to have hands on field dressing – my primary personal goal. ~The Wild Side participant

My goal was to gain endurance and not give up. Through pain and exhaustion, I pushed forward. The trip leaders were very supportive. ~Seeing the Mountains participant

what-exactly-do-you-think-he-is-doingMental mindset can be applied in all aspects of life. ~Seeing the Mountains participant

Re: most interesting or useful – how to find a trail when you lose it plus the odds and ends I picked up through suggestions and instruction. ~ Meadow, Forest and Rock participant

There is a lot of information on a map if you can find it and read it. I was glad to learn how to pinpoint my location on the map. ~Map and GPS Workshop participant

Not only did I learn basic survival thinking but I learned to get around! ~Map and GPS Workshop participant

I now know what those Google maps info boxes are telling me! ~Map and GPS Workshop participant

I feel confident to go out backpacking/hiking on my own on well-established trails. Having daily options was great so I could evaluate how I felt each day and make a trail decision. ~James D

img_6094The ROGAINE was a lot of fun and interesting to see the skills put into use. ~Land Navigation Workshop participant

It would be nice to have more time for the ROGAINE course to figure things out. ~Land Navigation Workshop participant

Re: how will you be able to use the skills – by teaching others the ethics of the outdoors and lessen the impact of our wilderness use. ~LNT Workshop participant

Ideally, I can start spreading the word to my students and others and get them excited about the outdoors and wilderness. ~Pagosa LNT Workshop participant

sedona-lnt-april-2016Re: classroom time – Stacy gave us breaks but not too many and kept us informed. It didn’t feel like sitting in a boring classroom. ~Sedona LNT Workshop participant

We had a good group of student lead activities. ~LNT Workshop participant

I appreciated having the shelter when the weather turned and it was awesome to be able to hike and get a change of scenery. ~LNT Workshop participant

RE: what was most interesting or useful – the idea of the principles as a continuum and modeling appropriate ways to honor the principle in various situations without having to follow the “Letter of the law.” ~LNT Workshop participant

img_4011Breadth of knowledge and curriculum is exceptional. ~Land Navigation Workshop participant

Good food! Portions good – knows my appetite but I brought too many snacks!! ~CDT Section Hike participant

RE: how will you use the skills – setting up a more efficient pack for both day and multi-day packs. ~Backpacking 102 Workshop participant

This was an awesome class. I appreciate the customizing of the class to meet the student needs. ~Backpacking 101 Workshop participant

I plan to go on a overnight backpack trip! Can’t wait to get home to practice packing the backpack. ~Backpacking 101 Workshop participant

img_4779I learned a lot, it’s a little scary but its real life I guess. ~First Aid in the Backcountry Workshop participant

As a beginning hiker I will probably encounter a disaster of some sort. ~First Aid in the Backcountry Workshop participant

This class was awesome! I never realized how important the aspects covered can really impact the enjoyment of wilderness sports. ~First Aid in the Backcountry participant

RE: how will you use the skills – make sure I have someone with me who knows all this stuff. ~First Aid in the Backcountry Workshop participant