2016 – Photo Trip Montage

Below is a montage of photographs from our 2016 trips. Click on any photograph for a larger version.

Sarah’s Winter Exploration
40% Fat - Yum How does snow hang like that Our winter home for the night Pondering the winter scenery
University Grand Canyon Hike
Confidence equals reward Love - even in the desert Pesto pasta Tonight's sleep
Desert Walking
21 Hand Prints Cryptobiotic Soils Gasp for Color Stay on the Trail
Susquehannock Trail System Thru-Hike
Been here for a long time Harvesting garlic-onion Spook Hollow Water Treatment
Trying New Challenges
A morning stroll Dusting of snow Look at them teeth Serviceberry
Leave No Trace Basecamp Trainer Course
7 Principles Day 1 Melissa Minimizing Campfire Impacts Challenge
Meadow, Forest and Rock
Dinner - yum Squiggles of a connecting skull The close of a day Watching the approaching storm
Middle School Camping Trip
Activity Demostration But Mostly Just Chatting Chili for dinner Flower delight Our Natural World Activity
Blanco Trail Work Project
Bad Marmot Finding a use for old wilderness signs Volunteer gratitude Walking to work
Seeing the Mountains
Alpine meadow colors Breakfast for lunch Sitting on the edge Looks like a mother may I moment
The Wild Side
Background for our workshop weekend Our evening flavors Preparing our mountain lion meatballs Ready, aim, fire
High Altitude Reflections
fish-lake-in-the-fog fish-lake fungus-amongus walking-a-land-like-tundra

CDT Section Hike