2017 Client Reviews

The following are reviews shared by clients who have participated on our 2017 calendared courses, customized courses or workshops.

I thought this was just going to be fun way to spend the weekend but, I learned a bunch of new skills and a lot about myself. ~Sarah S

The weekend re-ignited my love of being outdoors and helped teach me how I can et out more and share it with my kids. ~Margaret M

I definitely feel more confident and feel that I can handle an emergency in a calm manner. ~First Aid in the Backcountry Workshop Evaluation

I not only learned the materials, but was encouraged to think out practical, individualized application of the information and skills. ~LNT Trainer Course Evaluation

Thanks again for such a wonderful, growth filled weekend. I was a little fried when I filled out the evaluation form, so my responses were a bit brief and I wanted you to know how much the weekend meant to me. The training portions were super and certainly helped build some confidence. Thanks especially for allowing me opportunities to just BE with and enjoy nature. That was truly food for my soul. ~Diane D

Thank you for a greatly informative talk about backpacking and hiking. I really came away feeling energized and enthusiastic (and INFORMED) about hiking in a way I haven’t in a long time. ~Mary E

Trip Leader exceeded my expectation in that she pushed my limits but didn’t overdo it. As a result, I learned new skills, gained confidence, and too away memories that will last a lifetime. The highlight was a sense of accomplishment and triumph after I crossed several “iffy” snowfields. ~Jutta S

Stacy has a great talent for gearing concepts to each member of the group to help us learn at our won pace and where we’re at. ~Cheryl F

It was fabulous and I really want to do it again. Even with the frustration I encountered and still harbor (stupid bog). The results were amazing and immediately visible. Very rewarding. ~Britta R

Campfire impacts will be most useful because fires often cause the most severe and long lasting impacts compared to other LNT principles. ~LNT Trainer Course Evaluation