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About the San Juan Wilderness:
The South San Juan Wilderness covers more than 127,000 acres of spectacular mountainous terrain and offers high tundra, sweeping vistas and solitude. Elevations in the wilderness range from 8,000-feet to more than 13,000-feet.

Ages of volcanic activity followed by the infinitely patient carving of glaciers left the rough, imposing terrain of the remote South San Juan Wilderness, an area typified by steep slopes above broad U-shaped valleys cut sharply deeper by eroding streams. You’ll find high peaks and cliffs, as well as jagged pinnacles and ragged ridges, making travel difficult. Elevations rise as high as 13,300 feet. Thirty-two lakes, most of them formed by glacial activity, hold much of the area’s moisture and drain into turbulent creeks. The Conejos, San Juan, and Blanco Rivers have their headwaters here, and about 25 miles of the Conejos River has been recommended for Wild and Scenic designation. Erosion of rich volcanic rock in combination with heavy snowfall has produced ideal forestland, certainly among the best in the state. Forest ecosystems rise from the shadowy cover of magnificent lodgepole pine to aspen, then through Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir to alpine tundra. Much of the forestland has a peaceful, park-like quality under the trees where sun-starved undergrowth grows thin and low.

You’ll find some of the most exemplary backpacking in the state. A great bear was killed here in 1979, the last known Colorado grizzly. But rumor, extrapolation, and scientific evidence all join hands to suggest strongly that more grizzlies, if they still live anywhere in Colorado, inhabit the recesses of this rugged Wilderness, which many claim as the wildest left in the state.

September 11-16, 2019

This will be a five night backpacking trip with a daily mileage average of 8-12 miles. We will begin our hike at Cumbres Pass, Trail 813 which is the Continential Divide Trail in Colorado. Depending, we will end our hike at Platoro Reservoir or Elwood Pass. Those details will be finalized once we confirm who will be participating and the final route has been agreed. This backpacking adventure will reward hikers with its overall length and immersion in the daily hiking routine, including daily backpacking skills, campsite selection, self care, orienteering skills and Leave No Trace principles.

Rate Includes:
* All in the field meals; beginning with lunch on September 11th and concluding with lunch on September 16th.
* Bootleg data book and shared map set for all registrants.
* All essential group gear and equipment – personal gear and equipment as requested.

Registration is OPEN:
This is a private offering make at the request of Bart but the cancellation policy applies.

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