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The following are reviews shared by clients who have participated on any of our summer courses, customized courses, solo journeys, yurt adventures, kids fun or snowshoe hikes.

Client Reviews - BrunsThanks for driving us to the ranch. The experience exceeded our expectations. Loved that you could help Paul with the GF food. The food … “best trail meal EVER!” We appreciated the elk showing up. Glad you shared your knowledge and experience with us – and made us feel confident and welcome. ~The Bruns Family
(And, they gave us six out of five stars)

Once again, Step Outdoors has exceeded all expectations! Stacy was able to fold a group of three women with different levels of experience and expectations into a majestically designed 3 night adventure. We ran the gamut from big to small views, rain to shine, laughs to tears, strengths to limits. Step Outdoors offers a unique service that I will continue to incorporate into my yearly adventure trips. ~Gerie H

I felt comfortable letting my son participate in an overnight. He made new friends and has not stopped talking about the debree hut they created. Get your kids outside w/this positive experience they will carry for a lifetime! ~Autumn D

She taught by showing words. The time was mine to dictate (the trip was only the 2 of us). She suggested us learn from experience. ~Diana B

Stacy is so knowledgeable about the outdoors. I was excited to learn about topographical maps and how to use a compass but I learned so much more. You’re really getting more than an outdoor adventure when you go with Stacy into the wilderness. From the names of plants to pointing out coyote tracks and describing how to differentiate them from a dog, Stacy knows it all 🙂 ~Whitney H

Had a wonderful second course trip with Stacy from Step Outdoors. She gives wonderful personal attention and you couldn’t be in better hands. Recommend Step Outdoors highly!! ~Renee S

First time backpacker and I highly recommend Step Outdoors! They are knowledgeable, prepared and attentive. My trip was superbly planned with gorgeous views, challenging hills, chilly nights, warm days and great food! I learned the basics of backpacking that I know I can build upon trip after trip, step after step. ~Gerie H

LNT classes were wonderful I would highly recommend to all. ~Anna H

Step Outdoors plans meticulously and adapts beautifully to participants individual goal. Trips are FUN, safe and allow participants to test their limits & learn more. This was my second experience with Step Outdoors. Highly recommended! ~Holly B

What a great experience! Beautiful area, great views, tasty meals and an excellent guide. Thank you Stacy for an experience of a lifetime. ~Linda O

Incredible learning experience. Stacy is the best teacher of outdoor skills & leadership I’ve ever met. This class/trip has been the highlight of my year. ~Joan W

Another great outdoors experience with a great guide. She is extremely knowledgeable but still monitors the group, changing our trip to maximize our experience. ~Roberta S

My three night experience with Step Outdoors can be summed up in one word – enchanting. My trip met all of expectations and more. Now I feel I can take care of myself when I start on my solo journeys. The experience, the beautiful land makes me feel blessed. ~Cherri P

This was by far one of the most amazing trips of my lifetime. I journeyed through desert, mountains, snow, time and emotion. Love, love, love – in every aspect of the word. I am ever so grateful to Step Outdoors for guiding me through the adventure of a lifetime. ~Patricia S

Stacy with Step Outdoors is wonderful – great first backpacking experience, I couldn’t have imagined it going better than it did. Stacy went out of her way to accommodate the needs of the group and provided a fantastic learning experience. A+!!!! ~Renee S

I really enjoyed exploring the beautiful wilderness and I thought it was really neat and special about learning more of the wildlife and playing all sorts of very fun interesting and unique games. ~Hayley M (Note: Hayley was 12 years old when she participated in Camping For Kids)

I loved it. Stacy taught us all about different animal tracks and food. I would LOVE to go again. ~Sydney M (Note: Sydney was 9 years old when she participated in Camping For Kids)

It was absolutely the best. I have already recommended it and given cards, sent on the email pictures to friends. Actually I can’t wait to go again, stop by if you’re out this way. ~June E

Snowshoe day trip south of Pagosa Springs, CO. Great experience. Stacy was patient and informative. We experienced a lot…deep snow, little snow, wind, even mud, and sun of course. Again, it was a great experience! ~Elizabeth L

Step Outdoors, LLC is a business that goes above and beyond any other average business to provide superior service. ~Karen K

Awesome experience! Stacy is highly professional knowledgeable and fun as well as possessing a wealth of experience on the trails. I totally trust her in the out-of-doors. ~Shemeah R

She provided everything. It was great to be outdoors. She taught me what I wanted to have a great time snowshoeing. She wasn’t pushy. I appreciated the picking me up. ~Beth M

Step Outdoors was amazing, empowering, confidence-building, and FUN! Step Outdoors could not have been more attentive to me, or catered more carefully to my fitness & experience levels to make my FIRST the start of a passionate love of backpacking. Doing another trip with Step Outdoors this summer. ~Holly B

Wonderful experience! I would highly recommend Step Outdoors to anyone. Stacy was extremely knowledge and welcoming. My only complaint is that my name is misspelled on my LNT Certificate. ~Jules B

Stacy helped our group focus each day on what our goals were. She integrated LNT principles, trail info, and backpacking tips. Seamlessly thru-out the day- and she helped make it fun! In the end, as I left the trail I had knew I had a life altering experience. Proof? I’m planning my 2012 thru-hike! ~Reggie J

Step Outdoors, LLC is an impressive display of the best business ethics in outdoor outfitting groups. You get then times more than what you pay for and learn during the event. ~Harriett L

Stacy combined skill and professionalism with warmth and a truly caring spirit! My wish is to live closer to go on more frequent adventures with her! ~Sandi A

I had a great experience! I got to learn a lot and had a bunch of fun! I hope I can go again some time, cause all of the stuff we did was awesome! ~McKenna M (Note: McKenna was 12 years old when she participated in Camping For Kids)

Thanks Stacy for reawakening in me my love of the outdoors and instilling in me the confidence and “can do” attitude to really to able to enjoy it. See you in June! ~Roberta S

I liked it so much and I love going hiking outdoors! Dharma A (Note: Dharma was 4 1/2 years old when she participated in Camping For Kids)

Went on a three night backpack trip with Step Outdoors and had the time of my life. It was my first backpacking trip and I learned so much about myself and my capabilities. I highly recommend this empowering experience to one and all! ~Meredith P

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