2016 Outdoor Adventure Offerings

We are excited to provide our list of outdoor adventure offerings for 2016. All of our courses are customized to your fitness and experience levels and to meet your goals. Our offerings range from weekend workshops to multi-night backpacking adventures to high alpine volunteer work-trips.

Please click on any of the adventures for more detail. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

2016 Outdoor Adventure Offerings

Desert AwakeningDesert Awakening - View Details (COURSE CLOSED)
April 24-27, 2016

Course Description: Though the nights are still cool, this offering provides bountiful chances to witness the desert of northern New Mexico awaken with a flourish. We will meander on our self-prescribed direction and set camp amongst the sandstone cliffs.
Meadow, Forest and WalkMeadow, Forest and Rock - View Details (COURSE CLOSED)
June 20-23, 2016

Course Description: During this two night hike, summer unfolds with vibrant color and delight. From start to finish, the views are changing and the nuances of being outside are learned and appreciated.
Backpacking InvestigationBackpacking Basics and Beyond - View Details (COURSE CLOSED)
June 26-30, 2016

Course Description: This three night backpacking exploration focuses on teaching you the skills to backpack on your own. We begin with an overview of equipment, before progressing to camp triangles and preparing meals on the backcountry stove.
Snowball fun at 11,000-feetBlanco Trail Work-Trip - View Details (WORKTRIP CLOSED)
July 10-15, 2016

Project Description: Grab your hard hat, a set of leather gloves, good hiking boots and prepare yourself for six days of trail work. This five night work-trip is above tree line in the picturesque San Juan National Forest.
Exploring Quartz RidgeExploring Quartz RidgeView Details (COURSE CLOSED)
July 17-20, 2016 - A new offering for 2016!

Course Description: This two night offering is an on-trail and off-trail high altitude exploration. Camping above 11,000-feet we will explore a landscape with views that stretch deep into another wilderness area.
Prepare to DiscoverPrepare to DiscoverView Details (COURSE CLOSED)
July 24-28, 2016 - A new offering for 2016!

Hiking Workshop Description: This is a non-backpacking outdoor adventure. Our focus is to hike and learn valuable and appropriate skills that set the foundation for all future adventures.
Bull ElkThe Wild Side - View Details (WORKSHOP CLOSED)
August 12-14, 2016

Weekend Description: Have you ever wondered what others were doing when they were “hunting?” Join us for a two night, girls only, weekend workshop created to give you genuine insight into how hunting is done – with success.
San Juan GemSan Juan Gem - View Details (COURSE CLOSED)
September 12-16, 2016

Course Description: The weather is cooling, the leaves are an array of colors and each morning is met with a hot cup of coffee as the sun breaks over the highest peaks. Fall is closing and snow may begin to lace the mountain uplifts.
High Altitude ReflectionsHigh Altitude Reflections - View Details (COURSE CLOSED)
September 18-23, 2016

Course Description: This hike is initially challenging. On the first day, we will climb to over 10,000-feet where we will remain at or above for four days. This is the landscape of big views and a landscape bursting with color.
CDT Section HikeCDT Section Hike - View Details (COURSE CLOSED)
September 25-30, 2016 - A new offering for 2016!

Course Description: This section of the CDT is diverse. The hike begins with the green and lush plateau of the San Pedro Parks Wilderness, and on day four, the trail transitions to a drier climate of the Mesa del Camino and Rio Chama.
Fall ExplorationFall Exploration - View Details (COURSE CLOSED)
October 9-12, 2016

Course Description: An excellent option for beginning backpackers and families, this two night offering is in northern New Mexico. The hike moseys along a recently restored creek, open grassy meadows and mixed conifer forests.

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Reservations are a first request, first reserve. We encourage you to call us at 970.946.5001 or email Stacy at Info@StepOutdoorsColorado.com to talk about your interest. All of our courses are tailored, and the first conversation is very important to ensuring you have a great outdoor adventure. Once your reservation is confirmed, registration materials will be sent via email, or snail mail if preferred.

Cancellation Policy:
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Subject to Change:
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