Continental Divide Trail (Colorado) Section Hike

August 28-September 4, 2020 - Registration CLOSED

Registration CLOSED

minimum/maximum = 2/6
to confirm minimum course offering, registration closes August 7th

Section Hike Description:  The Continental Divide Trail stretches from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. In between is an ever-changing landscape. This section of the CDT is located in southern Colorado.  Above treeline in the South San Juan Wilderness, the hike will be above 10,000-feet from start to finish.  Expect to meander in lush meadows as well as spruce and fir pockets of transition.  

This backpacking adventure is a section of one segment of the trail – approximately 73-miles.

Backpackers registering for this extended hike should be in good physical condition prior to the hike start and should be ready to carry a backpack each day. We begin our hike at 11,615-feet and will continue to undulate at this elevation, with options to climb several lesser known peaks, as a part of the backpacking adventure.  Wearing appropriate footwear is essential – it is possible to have wet feet in high elevation. Hikers are encouraged not to widen the trail by being unwilling to get their feet wet if the weather is rainy or the trail is boggy.

This backpacking adventure will reward hikers with its overall length and immersion in the daily hiking routine, including daily backpacking skills, campsite selection, self care, orienteering skills and Leave No Trace principles.

CDT Section Hike – Colorado – Itinerary

Hike Specific Details:

  • Average daily mileage – 10-miles, plus any side hikes.
  • Average temperature for mountain area – low of 34-degrees to high of 74-degrees.
  • Campsites will be chosen daily, water sources unreliable, weather conditions unknown – this backpacking hike will focus on the fundamentals of a long hike and the decision making processes based on known and unknown conditions.
  • This segment hike is choked with scenery and history and can feel quite secluded.  The terrain can be quite challenging with strenuous uphill sections.
  • Leave No Trace practices will be followed throughout the backpacking hike.

When:  Hike officially begins on Saturday, August 29th and concludes on Friday, September 4th.  A mandatory Meet and Greet will be scheduled Friday, August 28th.

The Meet and Greet is the time we take to review what we are carrying in our backpacks, distribution of group gear and equipment, review of safety perimeters, as well as the final need to know of the backpacking adventure.  Plan to spend at least three hours during this time.

Cost:  $895 per person.

Includes:  All in the field meals and snacks, maps and a bootleg databook.  We also provide all essential group gear and equipment and personal gear as available.

All About Food: Nutritious! Filling! Yummy!  Because this is a seven day/six night hike, we will resupply our food cache at the end of day two.  This step allows for a lighter pack at the beginning of the hike.

A menu will be provided approximately three weeks prior to the hike start. Our menu is designed to ensure nutrition, is not carbohydrate heavy but instead blends all nutritional needs including: fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins as well as carbohydrates. 

Breakfasts are generally quick, easy and include coffee or hot drinks.  A variety of items will be available for lunch.  Expect dinners to be a soup base. We have found that hearty, filling soups assist with ensuring you feel better, sleep better and maintain hydration. 

Allergy and dietary restrictions can be accommodated if we are advised in advance – like, when you register!

Gear and Equipment:  Registrants are expected to provide their own camping and personal gear. Equipment can be provided with prior request – typically no later than 14 days before the hike start. A complete list of suggested items will be provided following registration. Most, if not all, of the items needed are already in your closet.

Each evening, registrants will set up their own tents and sleeping accommodations.

Typical Hike Day:  Subject to change.

  • 6:30a – Morning wake-up call.
  • 7a – Coffee and breakfast served. Please be on time!
  • 8a to 4p – Hike, rest, eat – repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • 4p to 6p – This time is your free time to enjoy the landscape, read a book, write in your journal or take a nap.
  • 6p – Dinner served. Please be on time! Enjoy a big plate of delicious, nutritious, filling hot food.
  • After Dinner – Quiet time, free time.

Registration Considerations:  This section hike is a great opportunity to stretch beyond a “weekend hike” and to challenge what it means to hike longer distances.  The hike is open to any individual who is willing to put in the time, and effort, required for training for this adventure.  In other words, don’t plan to slink off the couch, pull on a pack and intend to walk daily on trails with their traditional features of obstacles, hills and dirt.  We want everyone to be successful, but much of that success rests solely on your shoulders for building endurance and strength before you go. 

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