Compasses, Point the Direction - A Zoom Workshop

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Compasses, Point the Direction Workshop Description:  In the map reading workshop we talked about how this outdoor skill is becoming a lost skill – replaced by phone apps which include a dot to follow.  When following well used trails, misplacing self is not much of a concern (if you are paying attention).  But, what if you want to visit a space that is not on the trail?  Could you refer to your map and use your compass to get there?  

We believe there are a lot of places which should be unmarked by signage and roughed on the ground trail.  There are spaces (even games and races) that challenge your effort and reap with rewards. 

A compass keeps you pointed in the right direction in the absence of a trail or markers.  Learning how to use a compass enhances your “awareness” of what fills the landscape beyond your two feet.

Designed for those who know little about how to use a compass, this workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Learning the parts of a compass and what those parts do
  • Understanding degree marks and setting bearings
  • Setting declination and knowing where to find declination
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