Winter BINGO - Finish Winter Strong

Contest Dates - February 10 (6a) - March 20 (noon)

Winter BINGO:  We are challenging folks to finish winter strong by learning something new, practicing creativity and maybe, just maybe, being a bit less self-absorbed.

Ready … Set … Go!:  Download and print the Finish Winter Strong BINGO sheet (PDF below).  Complete as many activities as you can between now and noon on March 20th (this is the spring equinox – winter will be officially over).  There are 12 ways to win.  You choose your line, lines or to complete the entire card.

Winter BINGO Card

Honor System:  We have to believe you are playing for your own personal benefit and to add a bit of fun as the winter season closes.  Play within the spirit of the game.  By golly, it is simply BINGO.  If you don’t have snow … adapt.  If you can’t walk easily … do what you can.

Entry Deadline:  Saturday, March 20th at noon (EST).  There must be at least 10 participants for the drawing.

Entry Submissions:  Send your BINGO card to Stacy.  Drawing will be held that evening and the winner notified and posted on our Facebook page.

Shared Opportunity:  It sure would be nice if you shared this opportunity with your club or group.  If you do, let us know and we will make that acknowledgement on this page, our Facebook page and in our next newsletter.  When we want to get people outside, and give them something to do, it sure make sense that groups work together in sharing the rewards.

Cost:  Free.  If you could post your completed, or ongoing, box successes on our Facebook page that would be swell.  Keeps everyone excited.

BINGO Notes:  There have been a few questions related to the block tasks.

  • Write a thank you note to someone who deserves to be recognized.  This note does not have to be sent and can be for something long passed.  The idea is to acknowledge someone who has done/is doing something you value.
  • Write a response to an environmentalist or conservationist.  There are a litany of books, articles and videos about the environmental and conservation movements, actions and ideas.  This response does not have to be sent.  The intention is you write for yourself (at least a paragraph but you might go on for pages) why you agree or disagree with this person’s stance on a topic.
  • Read a book.  Seriously, read a book.  Something fun.  Insightful.  Educational.  Thought provoking. 
  • Volunteer an hour of time or complete an act of kindness.  Hard to complete a “random” act of kindness when you have been asked to be kind.  Find a way to help someone else.  Donate blood.  Clear your neighbors driveway of snow.  Grocery shop for your elderly neighbor.  Buy someone’s lunch (but don’t take their lunch like that posting on FB).
  • Register for a 2021 outdoor activity.  Think locally of an activity outside you, and maybe the family, can participate.  This supports organizations and small businesses being decimated by COVID.
  • Attend an outdoor related online workshop.  Familiarize yourself with organizations locally that are educating through live feeds and workshop settings.  For instance:  your state fish and game or stewardship center.  Again, this helps support organizations and small businesses being decimated by COVID.
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