First Five Minutes- A Zoom Workshop

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First Five Minutes Workshop Description:  In the backcountry, what you do in the first five minutes matters.  A lot.  In fact, it could be the difference between life and death   This workshop will give you an overview of what to do when mishap happens and the Golden Hour of care rests solely on your shoulders.

This workshop is the one segment of our longer (in-person) First Aid in the Backcountry Workshop.  This is an overview of wilderness emergencies and what you can do in the first minutes that can actually save a life. 

Workshop builds a confidence and mindset of reaction, and the self created “What If” statements, so that if something bad happens you have an idea of how to react.  

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who have minimal emergency equipment when recreating, this 90-minutes will guide to you think differently about emergencies in the backcountry. 

The first five minutes online training will focus on the following topics:

  • What is a wilderness emergency
  • The Golden Hour
  • Urban vs. Wilderness
  • Get into action
  • 10 Essentials

Homework:  You will be asked to complete a 15 minute assignment prior to the workshop.

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