Basecamp Orienteering Practice Course

dedicated dates available

Dedicated dates for your group or organization based upon availability. Contact Stacy for scheduling.

(970) 946-5001

Why A Practice Course?  This course is set up for individuals new to orienteering or groups that have a hour or two available to put learned skills into practice.

This short course has six control points (CP’s) to locate and follows traditional orienteering challenge guidelines. CP’s are located in spruce, fir and maple forest.

Focus is to find each CP with a route of your own making.  Each participant will be provided with a map and clue sheet. Participate as a solo, a pair or a team.

Things to know:  

  • Reservations are required.  Call or email Stacy to confirm availability. 
  • This is our basecamp which is also an operating homestead with gardens, chickens, ducks and an unfriendly rooster.  Please be considerate of those spaces. 
  • CP’s must not be moved.
  • Adherence to Leave No Trace guidelines are good practice.
  • Plan to be self sufficient.   Understand you might have moments of frustration and you will be excited when you find each CP.
  • Have fun!

Cost:  Donations accepted.

What to Bring: A compass, a writing utensil and your day pack with the 10 Essentials – there will be no cached water on the course.

Directions: To be provided to registrants. 

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