Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop

dedicated dates available

Dedicated dates for your group or organization based upon availability. Contact Stacy for scheduling.

(970) 946-5001

minimum/maximum:  4/8

Awareness Workshop Description: Awareness Workshops are a day or less in time and emphasize skills and techniques essential to Leave No Trace.  Workshops are less comprehensive but are a practical introduction to inspire responsible outdoor recreation.

Created for kids, perfect for families, ideal for every outdoor enthusiast, a three hour games and activities workshop (our preferred Awareness Workshop timeline) is both entertaining and educational. 

A format for your group will be designed based upon your available time line to learn. This workshop follows LNT training guidelines.

Local Cost (within a two hour radius): Per person rate applies.

Non Local Cost (outside a two hour radius):  As contracted. Per diem applies as well as negotiated per person rate.

Includes: Price includes course materials and snacks.

Basecamp Offering: This workshop can be held at our Vermont property or at a location agreed upon.  We will be outside for the entire training – dress for the weather conditions. 

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