Leave No Trace Trainer Course

dedicated dates available

Dedicated dates for your group or organization based upon availability. Contact Stacy for scheduling.

(970) 946-5001

minimum/maximum:  4/8

Trainer Course Description: Trainer Courses are informative, practical, hands-on and fun. You will learn skills and teaching techniques through lectures, skits and discussions in a spectacular outdoor setting. These courses are designed for people who actively teach others outdoor skills or provide recreation information to the public. Trainer Courses emphasize three components: low-impact camping skills, wildland ethics and outdoor teaching techniques.

During the two days of a Leave No Trace Trainer Course, participants will learn and teach the seven principles and discuss wildland ethics. This course emphasizes skills and techniques essential to minimum impact outdoor ethics and education and follows LNT training guidelines.

When:  can be scheduled based upon availability – two days are required for the training.

Cost: $135 per person.

Includes: Price includes course materials, all meals and snacks beginning with lunch on Saturday and ending with lunch on Sunday and snacks.

Basecamp Offering: This workshop can be held at our Vermont property or at a location agreed upon.  We will be outside for the entire training – dress for the weather conditions. 

Course Participation Requirement: Each participant will be required to present a short (15-20 minute) class on one of the LNT principles or how it relates to a specific activity.

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