Maps, Reading the Details- A Zoom Workshop

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Maps, Reading the Details Workshop Description:  Map reading is quickly becoming a lost skill – replaced by phone apps which include a dot to follow.  For outdoor recreationalists who hike on public lands, that are well marked, misplacing self is often not a concern.  What about the places that are less visited?  Could you refer to your map to place yourself if necessary?

Many hikers never advance beyond watching the heels of the person in front; thereby trusting the leader knows they are going.  This workshop is 90-minutes of learning how to read the details on a map.  Maps reveal a landscape as seen from directly above.  A map divulges natural and artificial features the reader can locate.  Topographical maps disclose the ups and downs of the landscape.

Designed for those who know little about map reading, this workshop will focus on the following topics:

  • Understanding scales
  • Recognizing map details
  • Deciphering terrain details

This is a 90-minute Zoom workshop that requires access to a screen for the slides. 

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