Respect the Potato - A Zoom Workshop

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Respect the Potato Workshop Description:  It is okay, you can laugh.  A workshop about potatoes – yep.

The premises behind this workshop is that mashed potatoes are often a staple of backpacking food.  Easy to make – heat, mix and eat.  We will share with you that there are numerous other options for potatoes in the backcountry.  For instance, you can take a baked potato and eat it in the backcountry for dinner.  Simple, right?  But, have you considered peppermint patties for dessert using leftover mashed potatoes?  How about trying one of our favorites – vegetable koftas. 

This workshop is not going to be all about backcountry food options.  Expect a few quick recipes specific for the backcountry.  The rest, meal options you can prep, or make, at home and take with you into the backcountry. 

This is a 90-minute Zoom workshop that requires access to a screen for the slides.   Following the workshop a PDR will be sent with 15 recipes, divided into categories, for the backcountry/home

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