Rock Wall Construction Volunteer Project

July 19-21, 2020 - Project Registration CLOSED

Registration CLOSED

minimum/maximum = 3/5
to confirm minimum course offering, registration closes June 28

Rock Wall Project Description:  This project is specific to rock wall construction.  We will be constructing a rock retaining wall to hold a steep backslope in place (rock retaining walls are also called dry masonry because no mortar is used between the rocks).  Retaining structures keep dirt and rock in place by preventing fill from following the call of gravity and taking the tread with it. 

The effort is in a confined space and will require BIG rock moving, gathering of small rocks or dirt and PATIENCE.  Expect moments of standing and pondering and moments of heave and ho.

The project will consist of practicing three points of contact (that is in rock terms), no shimming (that is bad practice), adding backfill (this step really means crushing rock) and tamping (you might grow tired of tamping).

We will be working on the Hope Creek Trail and camping at that trailhead on both nights. We will work at a comfortable pace beginning very close to the trailhead start.

No prior trail experience is required but a good attitude is helpful. 

What is a Volunteer Trail Work Project:  This two-night/three-day project is focused on a specific need.  Designed as fun work in the backcountry, our focus is safety, enjoyment and followed by completion of the project goal. We recognize that the public land system is used by hikers like us. This project is a way to give back to all of the boot prints we have put on the trail tread.

As a crew, we will complete important trail work. You will meet new friends, share meals and chores. We want you to enjoy the experience, and come back.

This project is open to volunteers who meet the following criteria:
* Have a great attitude and desire to work with other volunteers to accomplish a project goal.
* Ability to adhere to the following basic rules: Be Safe. Have Fun. Get Some Work Done.
* Physical stamina to hike to and from camp, hike and work at a moderate pace throughout the day.
* Have the appropriate gear and equipment for the week; all food and tools will be provided for you.
* Ability to participate for the full length of the trip; no late arrivals or early departures.  Our project will begin at 8a on Monday and conclude at 3p on Wednesday.  Camping at the project site on Sunday is encouraged.
* Willingness to learn – no prior trail work experience is necessary.
* Must be 16 years old with parent or guardian.

Cost:  $75 per person.

Includes:  All in the field meals, snacks and necessary tools.  Group gear and equipment will additionally be provided.  We have limited personal gear and equipment available.  Any requests are available by first request/first reserve and should be made no less than 14 days prior to project start.

About Registration:  Although you are a project volunteer, there are costs associated with this offering. Your registration fee assists with paying for permit fees, food and necessary tools.

We ask that you reserve your space only if you are going to attend. There is no refund for cancellation in this project. It is very difficult to fill recently vacated spaces, particularly within three weeks of the project start date when most cancellations tend to occur.

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