Spring BINGO - Enjoy the Spring Party!


Spring BINGO:  It is a spring party!  We are challenging folks to finish winter strong by learning something new, practicing creativity and maybe, just maybe, being a bit less self-absorbed.

Ready … Set … Go!:  Download and print the Spring BINGO sheet (PDF below).  Complete as many activities as you can between now the end of spring.

Spring BINGO Card

Honor System:  We have to believe you are playing for your own personal benefit and to add a bit of fun through the spring season.  Play within the spirit of the game.  By golly, it is simply BINGO.  If you don’t don’t have a nearby U-pick farm … adapt.  If you can’t walk easily … do what you can.  Don’t want to camp in the back yard … create another option.

Cost:  Free.  If you could post your completed, or ongoing, box successes on our Facebook page that would be swell.  Keeps everyone excited.


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