Summer is ... BINGO


Summer BINGO:  Summer is here.  Restrictions so many were feeling for the past year are being lifted.  Many are still working within a realm of caution.  So many of us want to learn and grow and summer will allow us to maximize the long day with learning something new, practicing creativity and maybe, just maybe, being a bit less self-absorbed.

Ready … Set … Go!:  Download and print the Summer BINGO sheet (PDF below).  Complete as many activities as you can between now the end of summer (September 22).

Summer BINGO Card

Honor System:  We have to believe you are playing for your own personal benefit and to add a bit of fun through the summer season.  Play within the spirit of the game.  By golly, it is simply BINGO.  Adapt, create another option, do what you can.  

Cost:  Free.  If you could post your completed, or ongoing, box successes on our Facebook page that would be swell.  Keeps everyone excited.


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