Summer Practice ROGAINE Course

Daily individual registrations from June 26 - July 12 - Registration CLOSED

Registration CLOSED

This offering replaces the previously scheduled July 3,
Beat the Sun Series ROGAINE challenge.  

Additional dates added – July 11th and July 12th.

This practice course has been set up specifically to give individuals and families something to do during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is both educational and fun.  The course is set up for individuals and the family unit, not for groups – please follow local regulations.

This challenge is designed to build your confidence, and skill, at finding control points (CP’s) at your own pace and with a route of your own making.  You will be provided with a map and clue sheet of 15-20 CP’s to find.  Difficulty is often based upon distance – we don’t try to make the challenge impossible instead possible for all participants.

You have UP TO six hours (self-timed) to find as many control points as possible using map and compass or your GPS skills. You choose how many control points, and the course you want to follow while also managing time.

Rules and Guidelines:  Sorry, there are a few …

  • Any local/state/federal mandates, including social distancing perimeters, must be adhered to.
  • There will be only one individual/family unit permitted to access the course per day.
  • You are asked to return the laminated maps for other users to access (wipes will be provided – please don’t steal the bottle);
  • No cheating – you have six hours.  Okay, we really don’t care, you have a day – practice at your effort.
  • You will be provided directions, via email with your confirmation, to the start and the location for finding the map and clue sheet (no, we will not be greeting you) approximately 72-hours before your start date.

Practice Reward Drawing:  Each individual who participates in the Summer Practice ROGAINE Course will receive one entry into the drawing to be held on July 11th at 5p (value $50).  To be eligible, a photo of the clue sheet, with its associated finds, is to be uploaded to our Facebook Page Event Link.

Dates Available:  This list is updated nightly in congruence with registrations.  For same day availability please call Stacy at 970.946.5001.  Please enter your date request into the text tab of the registration link.

Friday, July 10th – available
Saturday, July 11th – available
Sunday, July 12th – available

What to Bring: A compass and/or GPS, a writing utensil and your day pack with the 10 Essentials – there will be no water on the course.

Directions: Will be provided to registrants with their confirmation. Start/finish line is approximately 20 minutes from the Pagosa Springs Visitor Center in the Fawn Gulch/Johnny Creek area.

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