Survival Practice Workshop or Overnight

dedicated dates available

Dedicated dates for your group or organization based upon availability. Contact Stacy for scheduling.

(970) 946-5001

Survival Practice Workshop or Overnight Description:  For a lot of years we have been sharing with outdoor enthusiasts the skills and practices to keep themselves safe in the backcountry.  We all know, and should understand, that you can do everything right and something can still go wrong.

The survival practice workshop or overnight is designed specifically for you and/or your group, and can include a number of specific skill practices.  Topics might include:

  • Your Safety
  • Reading Trail 
  • Plan Ahead and Prepare 
  • Cartography Exercises
  • Survival Lesson Planning
  • Campfire Building
  • Small Game Trap Construction
  • Land Navigation 101 and Practice
  • Shelter Construction
  • Knots
  • Water Collection
  • First Aid

Solo Opportunity:  Including an overnight solo opportunity is an exceptional way to determine how you will react if stranded alone in the wild.  Solos require participants not only find their campsite with a map and compass, but setting up their site with items they are carrying, finding food and water through map and compass and building fire to cook food and stay warm.

Cost: Per person rate applies.

Includes: Price includes all instruction, materials, snacks and lunch if longer than three hours. 

Basecamp Offering: This workshop will be at our Vermont property. 

Participation: Participants will be provided with a list of items to bring for the survival practice.  Additionally, any overnight solo participants will be provided with a list (think 10 Essentials) of required items to bring. 

Offerings are rain or shine and all practices will be outside  – dress for the weather conditions.  

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