The Boonedocks Lean-To

dedicated dates available

Dedicated dates for your group or organization based upon availability. Contact Stacy for scheduling.

(970) 946-5001

minimum/maximum:  none

The Boonedocks Lean-To: There are times when getting away needs to be simple.  A place outside that provides quiet and safety while also encouraging outdoor participation.

The Boonedocks Lean-To comfortably sleeps four and is a traditional backcountry lean-to.  Perfect for kids, families and the learning outdoor enthusiast.

Dispersed tent camping is also available.

Things to Know:

  • Reservations are required; no minimum night stay.
  • This is a walk-in camp; parking is nearby but a walk of 100 yards is required.
  • Site includes table and chairs and firepit.  The goal is to build a privy in the summer of 2022.
  • This is a working homestead which includes gardens, chickens, ducks and one unkindly rooster.  Please be respectful.
  • Any pets brought must be on leash; chasing of wildlife or interfering with homestead operations is not acceptable.

Things To Do: The property is 32 acres and has several short hiking trails.  A six-control point orienteering challenge is set during the summer months (ask for a map and to borrow a compass).  There are often tasks that need assistance, particularly during harvest and canning season for those who want to get into the dirt.

Food:  There are occasions when breakfast and/or dinner can be provided. Meals are homemade and served family style.

  • Breakfast – eggs, fruit and whatever else we have in the kitchen.
  • Dinner – homemade soup, bread and green salad.  S’more cones at the firepit.
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