Wilderness and Remote First Aid Workshop

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Wilderness and Remote First Aid Workshop Description: Being able to confidently, and efficiently, respond to emergencies and give care in areas that do not have immediate emergency medical service response, is crucial for recreationalists. For anyone who actively teaches or works with outdoor demographics, this remote first aid workshop is essential. In this course, you will practice skills, demonstrate through processes and assessments and implement hypothetical treatments through scenarios.

This class is a long and intensive workshop with over sixteen hours of certificate instruction. A two-year certificate is awarded to registrants who demonstrate competency in the skills. Course follows American Red Cross training guidelines. There will be no requirement to pass an exam at the conclusion of this course unless required by your employer.

Pre-Requisite: Registrants must have a current adult CPR/AED certificate.  Contact Stacy if you need this certification.

Local Cost (within a two hour radius): Per person rate applies.  

Non Local Cost (outside a two hour radius):  As contracted. Per diem applies as well as negotiated per person rate.

Includes: Price includes course materials and snacks.

Bring with You: You are required to have both the Reference Guide and Pocket Guide as resources for this course. Additional resources will be provided as applicable.

It is very important you bring with you what you would have as your traditional recreational resources (including the 10 Essentials). For example: if you are hiking, your daypack; if you are biking, your pannier or daypack.

Not bringing your traditional resources will receive (at the very least) a big frown from the instructor.

Training Topics (schedule and timeline subject to change)

Day 1 – 8a to 5:30p
Focuses will include: 10 Essentials; reviewing course goals, requirements and resources; defining wilderness first aid; evaluating first aid kits; demonstrating performance of a primary assessment; demonstrating performance of a secondary assessment; evacuation considerations; shock; heart attack and chest injuries. Lunch break will be approximately one hour.

Day 2 – 8a to 5:30p
Focuses will include: head/neck/spinal injuries; wounds; bone and joint injuries; burns, abdominal illnesses, cold related illnesses; heat-related illnesses; lightning; altitude illness; submersion incidents; allergies/anaphylaxis; and conclusion. Lunch break will be approximately one hour.

Course Participation Requirement:
You are required to participate in this course offering – ‘nough said.

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