Land Navigation Workshops and Orienteering Field Days

no additional workshop dates are being accepted for 2020

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2020 workshop dates are CLOSED
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Why A Land Navigation Workshop?
Have you ever misplaced yourself thinking you knew where you were going but didn’t? Do you remember the anxiety of the moment and the thought process that maybe you didn’t want to feel that way again? Use of a map and compass is a rarely relied upon skill. But, if you were lost would you even know where to begin? More importantly, what can you practice to stay found?

This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and be rewarded with a new skill set that ensures you feel clever when hiking with a group of friends, but more importantly knowledgeable and proficient when you head into the backcountry and know how to use your map and compass.

About the Workshop:
Created for individuals with little to no knowledge on how to read a map or how to follow a course to reach a destination or terrain landmark. We will learn skills, develop our knowledge and play. This workshop is hands on skill practice. We will walk three’ish miles during the six hour workshop. The pace is unhurried and fragmented with rest breaks where we assemble and work through the pages of our workbook. The workshop concludes with a one hour ROGAINE race to test your newly acquired skills.

The basics can be learned quite quickly and we do that in a fun and educational way (with a really cool workbook to keep notes and practice skills). Part of what we teach is that informed judgment can keep you out of trouble.

  • Workshop is from 8a to 2 p’ish.
  • Lunch, snacks and workbook provided.
  • Components of the workshop include learning the parts of a compass, what are degree marks, value of declination, recognizing map and topographical features, walking a field bearing, finding a course and identifying a mapped object.
  • Workshop concludes with an orienteering challenge. The challenge is a one hour mini ROGAINE (Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance) practice without the rugged part.


No additional field days are scheduled for the summer season.  Please check back for fall offerings.