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Leave No Trace is a set of principles that promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation – a common courtesy, hospitality and respect for self, other visitors, wildlife and the landscape. Step Outdoors believes in the value of Leave No Trace for outdoor enthusiasts as a set of ethics, not a set of rules and encourages their practice on every outdoor adventure.

The Leave No Trace seven principles are:

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly
  4. Leave What You Find
  5. Minimize Campfire Impacts
  6. Respect Wildlife
  7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Dedicated dates for your group or organization based upon availability.


Trainer Courses are informative, practical, hands-on and fun. You will learn skills and teaching techniques through lectures, skits and discussions in an outdoor setting. These courses are designed for people who actively teach others outdoor skills or provide recreation information to the public. Trainer Courses emphasize three components: low-impact camping skills, wildland ethics and outdoor teaching techniques.

During the two days of a Leave No Trace Trainer Course, participants will learn and teach the seven principles and discuss wildland ethics. These courses emphasize skills and techniques essential to minimum impact outdoor ethics and education. Each participant will be required to present a short (15-20 minute) class on one of the LNT principles or how it relates to a specific activity. Each course follows LNT training guidelines and participants are awarded a certificate following course completion..

No additional dates have been scheduled for 2021
Price Per Person:  $135
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Awareness Workshops are a day or less in time. Workshops emphasize skills and techniques essential to Leave No Trace but are less comprehensive. Created for kids, perfect for families, ideal for every outdoor enthusiast, a three hour games and activities workshop (our preferred Awareness Workshop timeline) is both entertaining and educational. A workshop is a practical introduction to inspire responsible outdoor recreation.
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