Registration Forms

Cairn Marks the WayFor maximum enjoyment and for the safety of our guests, we require our clients to complete their registration by filling out the following forms.

All information provided is kept confidential and is shared only with your trip leader.

For Step Outdoors to ensure that your experience is a rewarding one, we ask that you be truthful and honest in answering the questions. We want you to participate in a trip that is to your skill and physical level – we want you to have FUN!!

SUMMER FORMS – Click on format preference to download

Health Form
   *Health Form – January 2016 (Word Doc)
   *Health Form – January 2016 (PDF)

Participant Agreement and Liability Form
   *Participant Agreement -Long Form – January 2016 (PDF)

Tell Us About You Form
   *Tell Us About You – January 2016 (Word Doc)
   *Tell Us About You – January 2016 (PDF)

Planning Your Trip Information Booklet
   *Planning Your Trip Information Booklet (PDF)

WINTER FORMS – Click on each to download

   *Health Form – February 2014 (PDF)
   *Winter Participant Agreement – 2014 and 2015 Season – Standard Form (PDF)
   *Tell Us About You – February 2014 (PDF)
   *WINTER – Planning Your Trip Information Booklet – November 2014 (PDF)

Updated: January 26, 2016

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