You Want A Solo Journey

Being with a group may not be your thing. Instead, you want to learn and practice skills at your own pace. No rush, no hurries, no worries.

We can do that!

Solo Journeys are extremely valuable for individuals who easily feel pressured or are very hands on with practicing skills. Maybe you aren’t sure if you will like backpacking. Or, you are afraid you will hike too slow and make someone else wait. Whatever your reason, Step Outdoors will gladly accompany you for a solo adventure. Because we tailor all of our trips and courses to meet your goals, fitness and experience level this is an easy way to ensure that you get the one on one attention you are most interested in receiving.

Solo Journeys are prepared in the same manner as one of our Customized Course Offerings. To begin the research, planning and permitting application in preparation of your Summary of Opportunity we ask that you make a $100 non-refundable deposit. We want all of our clients to have an exceptional adventure with us and that begins with putting together an offering that fits you! Following review of any prepared Summary of Opportunity full payment for will be required within ten (10) days to hold the trip dates. The $100 non-refundable deposit is applied to the registration cost of your backpacking adventure trip.

Solo Journey Cost:
Solo Journeys have a minimum two night commitment and includes all essential equipment and gear as well as all in the field meals. Food for the Solo Journeys consists of vegetarian fare with organic components. This includes bulk staple foods such as: rice, pasta, cheese, dried beans, nuts and dried fruits. You will have ample choices from which to choose.

Two Night Solo Journey – $558
Three Night Solo Journey – $660
Four Night Solo Journey – $768
Five Night Solo Journey – $870

Deposit for Solo Journey:
Reservations are a first request, first reserve. Cancellation policy applies. Prior to making your deposit confirm date availability contact Stacy at 970.946.5001 or to introduce yourself and begin a conversation.

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